Brainwashing The Ride

Event has passed (Fri Aug 1, 2014 - Fri Aug 1, 2014)
50 Mason Social House


Katie Ann and MC Zill, a musical duo, will be traveling from New York to San Francisco this Summer to perform their tour “Brainwashing The Ride.” The Engaged couple, set to marry in 2016, are living the dream and promoting their albums this summer on their nationwide tour.

Katie Ann has released her album, The Ride. She is originally from San Diego, CA and moved to New York to pursue her music career. She found her way into GCR audio, a recording studio owned by Robbie Takac of The Goo Goo Dolls. She picked up many tricks of the trade and recorded a phenomenal freshman album. She is independently releasing her album online through her website and other online stores, such as ITUNES and Amazon. Katie Ann has established thousands of fans from around the world and is excited to connect with those across the country this summer.

MC Zill is a conscientious rapper who’s releasing his album, Brainwashing. Through fate, while Katie Ann was recording her album in Buffalo, NY she met MC Zill by accidentally hitting his car. The two saw past the wreckage and found out that they both are music artists. The music brought them together and they formed a friendship that turned into an engagement. Each artist has a unique style that compliments one another. Their music is powerful and entertaining.


  1. 50 Mason Social House 50 Mason St, San Francisco, CA