Blonde Toledo CD Release Party

Event has passed (Sat Jan 27, 2018 - Sat Jan 27, 2018)
Make-Out Room


It’s not just that Connie plays two saxophones at the same time, Rashaan Roland Kirk style, or that she has developed a unique style, more melodically based, rather than riff oriented. If the music was not so bouncy, entertaining, storytelling, danceable fun, you might think the two horn aspect was just a flashy gimmick (and its pretty amazing and surprising when it’s happening). But the writing has the resonant quality that draws the listener in, even when the ideas are fresh, so why not capture all of that in an artifact, in this case, the very first LP by Blonde Toledo.

Which deserves a celebration after all, so we are throwing a big party at our favorite San Francisco venue the Makeout Room (because they pour a killer drink, it's super cute in there, and the sound is excellent).

We will be joined by two fine local acts to make the night a rich celebration of what San Francisco still knows how to do, play great music, dance our asses off, and drink to excess.

Radio Veloso will be taking the support slot. They play DIY Instrumental Groove on Drums, Bass, Guitar, Trumpet. I recommend you check out there very fine track "Hotel Pool"

Opening the show is The Midnight Drells, a lively a two-piece Rhythm & Blues band. Check out there tune Machine Gun to get the low down on their sound.

To entice you into coming early for the opening act's we are giving away a free copy of the aforementioned LP in CD form "Where's That Sound" to the first 50 people to make it past the doorman. If your planning to run late, you can buy a copy online at or at

Plus, we will give out a limited run of souvenir song books with sing along lyric sheets. Had the Beatles given out something similar at The Cavern Club, by now those Liverpudlians could have cashed it in for a house in Frodsham (look it up)

Please invite all your friends, so they can appreciate what a cool and wordily person you are, so up on the latest and greatest.


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  1. Make-Out Room 3225 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA