Sat October 28, 2017

BlackLight Art Show 2017 & Dark Side Of The Grimm Installation

Black Light Art Show & Dark Side Of The Grimm Installation

4th Annual Black Light Art Show & Dark Side Of The Grimm Installation Hosted by Studio 23

Show Dates:
Opening Reception
*Oct, Friday The 13th, 2017 7:00PM – 10:00PM

Encore Halloween Party
*Oct, Saturday 28th, 2017 7:00PM – 10:00PM

Location: Studio 23 | Official Website:
Address: 2309B Encinal Ave. Alameda, CA, 415.580.2309

Cost: Free/Donation

The 4th Annual Black Light Art Show:
Art is a journey, it's power is to alter perspective...and what better way to alter your perspective than to have your eyeballs UltraViolated!

The Blacklight Art Show is an experience best suited to the time of year when the veils grow thin between worlds, other dimensions seep thru in deceptively cheery colors to blind you beyond science...

Studio 23 is transformed from a mild mannered mecca of artistry into a pulsing powerhouse of spirits gathering force to unleash unholy havoc upon preconceptions...where love of art rules over all.

Over 15 local east bay artists are lovingly toiling and troubling to bring you feasts that glow and dilate your pupils with glee, come and join the dance and the conversation between light and shadow, under the wondrous canopy of Blacklight!

So come inside, see and feel the presence of the powers of creativity, meet and greet and have a treat, and feast your eyes…

Black Light Art Show Artists:
Barry Tribuzio
Ryan LaLonde
Ken Gulley
Lisa L. Schoonover
Mikey Elliott
Carolina Tapia
Jessica Warren
Wesley E. Warren
More TBA

The Installation: Dark Side Of The Grimm
This year a special addition, the back room is transformed as well into a Grimm fairytale...based on “The Three Little Men in the Wood”, all created from paper and glowing as well, an immersive space featuring the work of many gifted artists.

The installation is a collaborative effort between five local Alameda artist’s; Ryan LaLonde, Alana Dill, Sara Edge, Wesley E. Warren, Jessica Warren & Vivian Young . The installation is created from 95% UV reactive paper. Each artist has focused on but not limited to their own creative contribution and when brought together will transport the viewer right into this fairytale world.

The theme is based on "The Three Little Men in the Wood" or "The Three Little Gnomes in the Forest", a German fairy tale collected in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm. The book was owned by artist Jessica Warren as a little girl.

“The image of the girl in the paper dress is burned into my memory from when I was a child. It’s funny because everyone that reads the story walks away remembering something different.

Things have been kind of crazy lately and really heavy, politically, natural disasters, the threat of war. I wanted to bring together a group of talented artists to create a world that allows one to escape from all that, if only for a few moments.

This is our 4th year of putting on the Black Light Art Show, I had been contemplating on doing an installation for some time. Each artist focuses on their particular contribution to the installation, then we bring it all together, tweak it over the next few weeks and unleash it to the public. It’s really exciting and a well needed distraction from everyday life.” -Jessica Warren

The art show and installation are both free to the public. Donations are welcome for both the installation and the group art show. There will be a special hand made paper Gnome taking donations specifically for this year’s installation. Suggested donation for the installation is $20. But do not let funds stop you from coming! We want everyone to enjoy this. Kids are always welcome at Studio 23, but remember we do often have live nude body painting. So bring kids at your own discretion.

The Dark Side of the Grimm installation will remain up at Studio 23 through December.
"The Three Little Men in the Wood" Read the story :

Installation Artists:
All artists have their own focus but are not limited to just that piece. Everyone has contributed far beyond their own specific work. The entire installation has been a collaborative effort.

Jessica Warren: “Installation Conception, Leaves, Storyboard & Frames”
Ryan LaLonde: “Open Door” Painting
Alana Dill: “Trees, Donation Gnome”
Sara Edge: “Woodland Creatures”
Wesley E. Warren: “Gnome Mural, UV Lighting and Installation Structure”
Vivian "Vivee" Young: “Paper Dress”

Press Contacts:
Wes & Jess Warren
Studio 23 415.580.2309

Download Full PressKit:
For the latest updates please view the Press Release Here:
Black Light Art Show & Dark Side Of The Grimm Installation 4th Annual Black Light Art Show & Dark Side Of The Grimm Installation Hosted by Studio 23 Show Dates: Opening Reception *Oct, Friday The 13th, 2017 7:00PM – 10:00PM RSVP
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