"Between the Leaves" a multi-sensory installation by Anjelica Colliard

Event has passed (Fri Nov 17, 2017 - Fri Dec 8, 2017)
Classic Cars West Gallery


Summer may be ending, but Classic Cars West is feeling positively lush as we anticipate the approach of Anjelica Colliard’s Between the Leaves installation. Opening November 3rd during the First Fridays Art Murmur, Between the Leaves is a multi-sensory installation of the artist’s signature “imaginary jungles” that takes the artist’s drawings off the page and into space. As an artist primarily working in printed matter, this installation is a refreshing expansion of Colliard’s strikingly sensual line work, and a deliberate invitation to the viewer to wander through her invented landscapes.

Between the Leaves reminds us that the creation of inner worlds can be a vital step in reconnecting with our animal wildness. As technology encroaches on the real in a flurry of image-driven numbness, Colliard will create a topography of temptation--to touch, to feel, to look long and hard at our surroundings and what makes them beautiful in real time. Frisky fauna and over-sized flora will mix with abstracted lines and shapes to envelop you in an Edenic cocoon of pre-verbal sensations. If nature is a book to be read, Between the Leaves reminds us that every word in the book can have many meanings, and that it is often in these interstices where the fruits of fascination grow.

About the Artist: Anjelica Colliard is a California native who studied drawing and printmaking at University of California, Berkeley. She now lives and works in Oakland, California, where she continues to make art, as well as monitor at Max’s Garage Press, participate in local fairs, and co-organize the Good Omen Market, a makers’ market featuring the work of local emerging artists. Her work interprets the intersection of nature and sexuality using natural plant forms and human figures to create imaginary plant-filled worlds.

About the Venue: Classic Cars West is a boutique vintage car showroom and contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Oakland’s thriving Uptown arts neighborhood, focusing on local and emerging artists working in a range of mediums.

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