Anniversary Party : The Wyatt Act and Elliot Racine

Event has passed (Fri Feb 9, 2018 - Fri Feb 9, 2018)
Milk Bar SF


Anniversary Party! Let's eat some cake, renew our vowels, and celebrate with live music!

9pm - Elliot Racine
10pm - The Wyatt Act

The Wyatt Act is San Francisco’s own SlamRock band!

Sounds Like : Cake, Primus, Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle
Influences : Weird Al, Amy Winehouse, Tower of Power, Rage Against The Machine

SlamRock Manifesto

Street-corner style poetry meets transgressive rock.

SlamRock is a philosophy, a lifestyle, an attitude, a swagger. SlamRock is a reaction to a society of detached, automatic, alienated, civilized play-acts. SlamRock values process over product and interaction over isolation.

3 Principles of SlamRock:

– Spontaneity
– Variety
– Put on a fucking show!

Elliot Racine

Elliot Racine is an experimental avant-garde composer and musician based in California. Elliot’s approach to music is characterized by his endless curiosity and openness to inspiration from all corners. Propelled by wild explorations and a wide array of influences, Elliot’s music crosses borders and defies expectations.

Elliot’s primary instrument is the bass, but he is also a vocalist, guitarist, electronic composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Equally adept at penning clever lyrics for a shambling folksong, improvising a funky bass line, and composing a somber solo for distorted piano, Elliot tries on many styles and synthesizes many traditions in his music.

While Elliot’s sound is solidly rooted in American traditions of rock, blues, folk, funk, and jazz, elements of world music also inform his songwriting. His songs subtly incorporate polyrhythms, drone, and exotic instrumentation into more traditional western structures.

As a student at Berklee College of Music, Elliot supplemented his performance and composition studies with courses in ethnomusicology, and has since participated in Lark Camp World Music Workshops and traveled to Ghana to study percussion and dance traditions of the Ewe and Dagara peoples.

The result of this dynamic combination of influences is a collection of wholly unique songs. No one Elliot Racine track is like another. Some of his songs are jazzy, freeform horn and percussion jams. Some are dreamy guitar landscapes full of echo and reverb. Some are classically styled American folksongs. Some songs swell with trumpets and flutes, some are compositions for solo acoustic guitar. Some are loud and rocking, others ethereal and droning. But what all of Elliot’s songs have in common is their intimate spirit. Regardless of the style, his music is always immediately relatable. Personal lyrics, elements of improvisation, and raw production values combine to create a down-to-earth, visceral listening experience.

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