Adventure Design Group : The Immersive World of the Gregangelo Museum

Event has passed (Tue May 21, 2019 - Tue May 21, 2019)
Gregangelo's Velocity Arts & Entertainment
07:00 PM
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As our society seems to be growing apart, the concept of immersive entertainment has grown and become a wonderfully popular and counterbalancing medium of connection. Meanwhile, we at the Gregangelo Museum have been in the trenches of this world since inception, creating the type of art that aims to truly bring people together. In our next event, we are excited to host this installment of the “Adventure Design Group,” where makers and creators unite, learn, and share their projects. Come to the Gregangelo Museum and get a sneak peak of 7 of the 27 realms of this wonderfully immersive world and gain some insight into turning your creative dream into reality.
Despite being an ongoing project for nearly 40 years, this hidden gem has somehow flown under the radar, though recent features on Netflix, BBC, and HGTV have begun attracting world travellers and curious locals alike, inspiring them through the power of human connection and personal connections. There also just so happens to be art in every nook and cranny. Come meet the artistic director, the artists in residence, and some of the interns who make it possible. Learn the story of how this magical place came to be and how it continues to evolve and inspire. Come by with your questions and get some insight into the philosophy behind the magic.
As one inspired guest shared with us : “There’s no way to properly express how important I think what is being done here is. Immersive installation art is only one, almost tangential, piece of this highly evocative, personal, and boundary confronting masterpiece… importantly astute and insightful. I can’t prepare you for what to expect, only that you will be rewarded with exactly as much as you give and give in to the experience... This is for reconnecting with yourself and the people around you. And… It. Is. Amazing.” While this event will be a more behind the scenes look of how we make it happen, this is the kind of experience that we aim to achieve in everything we do. 
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  1. Gregangelo's Velocity Arts & Entertainment 225 San Leandro Way , San Francisco, CA