A Preview of Ceramic Works by Aneta Regel Deleu

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Hedge Gallery
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Hedge Gallery is proud to present a preview of ceramic works by Aneta Regel Deleu (b. 1976).
Inspired by the anthropomorphized natural rock outcroppings of Polish legends from her childhood, Aneta Regel Deleu’s asymmetrical, abstract ceramic forms evoke a curiosity from her viewers, and allow the opportunity for a philosophical reflection;

“I combine the natural qualities of various clays from heavily grogged to porcelain often with unprocessed volcanic rocks. work is hand formed often with additions of rock materials incorporated to clay while building the form up. The technique derives directly from the most traditional and ancient techniques of coiling and freeforming. Objects are usually multiple fired. First to stoneware temperature, to enhance the contrast of textures [and] strength of objects. then thick layers of slips and glazes are applied and fired again several times.”
—Aneta Regel Deleu

The heavily grogged clay and unprocessed volcanic rocks play the role of the natural elements with almost a granite-like texture, while the colored glazes, demonstrate a constructed order of human existence. Aneta developed and refined her sculptural ceramic and glazing techniques, which she acquired during her time at the Royal College of the Arts in London, to create the vivid and witty forms that highlight this dynamic tension between the unglazed natural world and the powerful finesse of the human world.

Aneta Regel Deleu’s work has been acquired by such institutions as the Westerwald Museum in Germany and the Icheon World Ceramics Museum in Korea. Notable exhibitions of her work include Collect at the Saatchi Gallery in London, May 2013, and Aneta and Annie at Contemporary Ceramics Centre in London, October 2012. Aneta Regel Deleu was awarded the "Best of English Industry" Award by PCI Fitch Tate Modern in London, February 2007.

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