6th International Body Music Festival

Event has passed (Fri Nov 8, 2013 - Fri Nov 8, 2013)
$25 - $35


Body Tjak 13 + Corposonic, Barbatuques, Cudamani, Rootstock (Sacramento, CA), Kitka (Oakland, CA), KeKeÇa (Istanbul, Turkey), Yiota Peklari, (Athens, Greece), Lior Shoov (Bazra, Israel), Teatro A Tempo (Quebec City, Canada), The Bang Group (New York, NY).

6th International Body Music Festival at the SFJAZZ Center and other venues in the San Francisco Bay Area from Tuesday, November 5 to Sunday, November 10, 2013. The only festival of its kind anywhere, the 6th International Body Music Festival (IBMF) presents over 20 events featuring traditional and contemporary Body Music styles from the U.S., Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Canary Islands, Greece, Canada and other popping, stomping, humming corners of the world. Over six days, the festival will feature concerts, teacher trainings and workshops for adults and teens, body music open-mic, a family matinee and in-school assemblies. For the first time, the festival has a geographic focus, presenting the majority of the activities in a walkable area in Downtown Oakland, before moving to the new SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco on the weekend.

From the tundra to the tropics, people can’t resist the urge to snap, clap, step, holler, and sing artful music. This universal resonator—our bodies—and its myriad global sounds ignite audiences with music you can see, dance you can hear. It’s the oldest music on the planet, and it’s brand new.

This 6th IBMF will feature more offerings than past years, including two public workshops per day and two public events per evening, making use of a variety of venues throughout a small radius in downtown Oakland, creating a geographically focused, walkable festival. Participants can BART downtown, take a workshop, eat at one of the many local restaurants, see a show and participate in an open mic, for example.


  1. SFJAZZ Center
    201 Franklin St, San Francisco, CA