The Alchemy of Lee Burridge’s ‘All Day I Dream’ Party

House and techno DJ, record label owner, and Burning Man influencer Lee Burridge has continued to evolve All Day I Dream (ADID) over the years. This year, the festival moves to the beautiful Woodward Reservoir in the Sierra Nevada.

Burridge originally pioneered Hong Kong’s club scene back in the nineties and first attended Burning Man nearly 25 years ago. He arguably helped lead a music revolution on the Playa after being less than excited by some of the early live acts at Burning Man. He frequently volunteers to spin at different camps and has performed on various stages such as the infamous Robot Heart.

Photo: Lee Burridge, Courtesy of All Day I Dream


Although the All Day I Dream parties started in Brooklyn, New York back in 2011, they have since become an international sensation and San Francisco can be considered the party’s home base. The creative director for the All Day I Dream, Hoj, is a San Francisco native and Burridge has lived in SF on and off over the years.

Within ethereal environments decorated with live plants, draping fabric, fairy lights, and lanterns, All Day I Dream gives space for dreamy music and the global Burning Man community to freely intermix. Every bit of the experience is fine-tuned to encapsulate their dreamlike vision, which gives partygoers or “Dreamers” more than just DJ sets to embrace. 


For 2022, the festival’s inaugural lineup (meaning that more artists are being confirmed as we speak) brings together the ADID family from around the world and an eclectic mix of live acts at a serene natural setting.

Lee’s reputation and keen ear for live electronic wondery helped recruit heavy hitters like Ajunabeats’ trio Cubicolor, who often produce live vocals, guitar and synths to deliver melodic hits in the techno and house worlds. Swedish electronic band Little Dragon will bring forth their unique style of unhurried, off-kilter R&B pop and electronics. Australian singer-songwriter and producer Ry X, known for fusing elemental emotions via live performances, will be joined by emotive electronic band GHEIST, who are set to offer their rich take on progressive house and techno textures.



The 2022 Festival will also host a Welcome Ceremony courtesy of The Sound Immersion Experience with Danny Goldberg. The Sound Immersion Experience aims to balance and restore energy in the body through healing vibrations.

Goli Gabbay, Jeremy Falk, Laurel Erilane, Zach Beach will lead classes of Yoga, with each class having different emphasis and techniques that combine breath work, mindfulness, yoga, and guided meditation.

Scott Fisher, Psychiatrist and Psychedelic Therapist, will lead Psilocybin and Mental Health, a discussion on the topics of psychedelics and mental health, discussing spirituality, and the psychedelic psychotherapy model.

Also of note, attendees will experience Awaken with Lee Burridge, A MEYA Music Mind Journey. Soundscapes, shamanic rhythms, and uplifting house beats help you enter a meditative state, express gratitude, and discover the deeper meaning of the law of attraction and spiritual awakening.



These excerpts from an interview by Carlos Olin Montalvo with the ADID team back in 2017 capture the spirit that continues to push All Day I Dream forward.

Where haven’t you DJ’d that you really want to?

Burridge: The moon… or, space will also do.

How do you make each event unique but still streamlined for a nationwide tour?

Hoj: In our open-air format, the actual location adds to how each event is unique… The music is also constantly evolving and moving forward, so that will always be different at each event. And we’ll play a huge range of music throughout the day, but I do think there’s a consistency in the feeling of the music we play at All Day I Dream.

No matter where we are or what is different, there is a vibe at the events that is very recognizable. I think a lot of it comes from the people that attend. We do what we can to create a warm atmosphere for people to connect, but in the end, I think people are bringing that vibe to us.

Photo: Hoj, Courtesy of All Day I Dream

Who are your biggest creative influences?

Hoj: Probably Stanley Kubrick and Keith Richards.

What creative selection criteria did you use for this upcoming tour?

Hoj: I have an “ADID” folder on my computer. Throughout the year, certain tracks find their way into that folder. And around this time, I get to dig in and see what gems have collected. I’ve also been hearing a lot of amazing tunes from some talented young producers in faraway places that I’m looking forward to playing.

+++ All Day I Dream
May 12th – 15th at Woodward Reservoir

Tickets are available for purchase

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