Tennis Anyone? Courts Are Open with a Reservation

Great news tennis players… You’ve been jonesing to hit with your buddies and SF Recreation and Parks is reopening tennis courts around the city. There are a few rules in place, intended to hedge against COVID-19, but at least the chance to hit out, work on your volleys, and get a good sweat in; it’s so overdue.

Rule 1) Find Your Court and Reserve It! Here is a list of courts included in this initial opening:

  • Alice Marble Tennis Courts
  • Balboa Park Tennis Courts
  • Crocker Amazon Tennis Court
  • Dolores Park Tennis Courts
  • DuPont Tennis Courts
  • Fulton Playground Tennis Court
  • Glen Park Tennis Courts
  • Hamilton Tennis Courts
  • J.P. Murphy Tennis Courts
  • Jackson Playground Tennis Court
  • Joe DiMaggio Tennis Courts
  • Larsen Playground Tennis Court
  • McLaren Park Tennis Courts
  • Minnie & Lovie Tennis Courts
  • Moscone Tennis Courts
  • Mountain Lake Park Tennis Courts
  • Parkside Square Tennis Courts
  • Potrero Hill Tennis Court
  • Presidio Wall Tennis Courts
  • Richmond Playground Tennis Court
  • St. Mary’s Tennis Courts
  • Sunset Rec Tennis Courts
  • Upper Noe Tennis Court

Rule 2) Reservations are free and on a first-come, first-served basis starting seven calendar days prior to the date you are interested in booking. They are for 1.5 hours and can be for individual play only (no leagues, lessons, team practices or lessons)

Rule 3) Play on the courts is limited to:
a) Singles tennis between any two people, provided they touch only their own tennis balls
b) Doubles tennis only if all players are members of the same household

Photo Credit: Image by Julian Schiemann on Unsplash