San Francisco Expected to Reopen Bars, Gyms, Museums, Movie Theaters in August

A target date was set today by mayor London Breed to open more businesses, schools and recreation as part of the projected shift into Phase 3 in mid-August. Other notable allowable openings that are allowed starting earlier (June 15th) include indoor malls, pro sports games without spectators and religious services. Still TBD are hotels, concert venues, live audience events, nightclubs and festivals.

The complete list of places that are expected to be allowed to open in August are:

  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Limited indoor leisure like movie theaters, billiards, and bowling alleys
  • Nonessential healing arts
  • All other personal services like personal training, tattoo, permanent makeup, and piercing, and nail salons
  • Bars without food
  • Schools, including primary, secondary, and higher education
  • Indoor museums
  • Basketball courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Indoor tennis
  • Zoos

Watch the full announcement on YouTube and read more details here.

Photo by Robin Russell at Phoenix Hotel


  1. Elizabeth Frantes May 29, 2020 at 7:47 am

    Um, are we going to do this every year when a new virus comes around? And how can we increase housing density, when it’s impossible to ‘socially distance’ when you use elevators and breath recycled HVAC air in the high density housing and office towers? You want us plebians to ride mass transit (while you have a car we pay for) but come on, everyone who has a car will be driving instead of taking mass transit, which will make the air quality worse, which is a HUGE factor in morbidity/mortality for all pulmonary disorders. Crowded cities are paradise for pathogens. There will be mass layoffs when the small businesses are forced out, more homeless because the jobs are gone and the landlords want their rent. Our city budget is already a Marianas Trench of red ink, the loss of revenue will tank our budget. The mass insanity of shutting down the world’s economy will trigger the biggest social unrest our wretched species has ever seen. There is simply no way to outwit a virus when we have created a world where viruses are spread quickly via air travel, where we live like chickens on a factory farm, making transmissions of ALL infectious diseases not just possible, but inevitable? Where is the end game here? Have you even thought about how we’re going to take care of everyone whose livelihoods and homes have been taken away? What about the already increasing suicides and domestic violence? Will you take responsibility for that? Or are they just ‘collateral damage’ to you, Mayor Breed? I mean, YOU get your pay, benefits, and pensions, YOU aren’t in any danger . . .but you can be recalled, and even with the crooked voting system, you can be voted out of office. Or the ME can declare you mentally incompetent.


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