New Protected Bike Path in Panhandle Will Help Ease Congestion in Park

San Francisco’s shelter in place orders have revealed a greater need for safer streets and sidewalks as residents navigate their neighborhoods on foot or gather en masse at popular parks. On a warm day or weekend the streets and walkways of popular parks, like the panhandle leading to Golden Gate Park, resemble Bay to Breakers without the creative costumes. With the support of supervisor Dean Preston, the SFMTA has announced a new one-way 6 foot wide bike path Westbound along Fell Street, from Baker Street all the way to the entrance of GGP. Work on the project is expected to begin June 2020 and currently is only a temporary adjustment. You can view the full proposed path illustration on

With the new safer park path removing some of the congestion, people can enjoy the park with less stress, and check out the new toilet paper installation in relative peace…

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  1. Really!? Like Fell and Oak Streets aren’t busy enough during commute hours? The bike paths in the park aren’t good enough? The Octavia Blvd boondoggle wasn’t bad enough? I’m sick of these carpetbaggers who have no real love for our city dictating our future. Go back to NewYork you bum and take your hare brained ideas with you.

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