San Francisco Relaxes Restrictions on Summer Camps, Golf Courses, Skateboarding, Fishing, Construction Projects

San Francisco officials are easing restrictions on activities and some non-essential business closures in a new health order to take effect on Monday May 4th. The order gives examples but also details a general rule of what constitutes as safe recreational activities:

“This order makes three significant sets of changes that ease restrictions under the prior order. First, this Order now permits certain outdoor businesses to operate outdoors so long as they can do so safely. These outdoor operations are considered low risk because they are outdoors and involve brief and infrequent interactions among individuals. Allowed outdoor businesses include flea markets, car washes, nurseries, and gardening services. Second, the Order allows more outdoor recreation activities to occur again so long as they can be done safely, without physical contact, shared equipment or use of high touch areas in recreation facilities. Examples of permissible outdoor activities include sunbathing, hiking, golf, skateboarding, and fishing. These activities must be done in compliance with social distancing and sanitation protocols for any facilities that are used for those activities. And third, the Order allows all construction to proceed as Essential Business, consistent with the State shelter-in-place order, so long as it done safely in accordance with specified health protocols.”

You can read the full order here.

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