GLIDE Live Streams Easter Service

Happy Easter! Sadly, in the age of Corona, best wishes kind of sound like a joke. Many of us are isolated, anxious, and our connections are trapped in screens. We’ve given up a lot and on the traditional holiday, giving up church, get-togethers with friends and family, and egg hunts with all the children in our extended families, make that even more apparent.

Side note to our screens: If there’s something to be thankful for, it’s those darn screens. Can you imagine going through this if there wasn’t an internet?

For those who would have attended some kind of church service, check around to see if your church is streaming an Easter service. But if you can’t find anything, Glide will be providing three services online. Tune in if you need a bit of song and an uplifting message.

GLIDE Church Marks Easter with Online Music-Filled Sunday Celebrations

GLIDE Church continues its fifth week of online Celebrations and invites the public to celebrate Easter with a message of liberation and redemption at the first ever Easter Zoom/Facebook Live Sunday Celebration at 7:00, 9:00 and 11:00 am. The Celebrations will include an uplifting, soulful sermon by GLIDE’s Minister of Celebration Marvin K. White with a special blend of live and archival music from the GLIDE Ensemble and The Change Band led by music director Vernon Bush. The community is welcome to participate by sharing their own stories of spiritual and emotional resurrection in the interactive, live comments section of the broadcast, during the rousing morning of music, words and song. For over five decades, GLIDE Church has been a spiritual center of healing, faith, justice and community for everyone.

“In the new COVID-19 age, we want to penetrate the global isolation and the global firewalls and give the hope of new life,” said Marvin K. White, GLIDE’s Minister of Celebration. “No matter who you are, where you come from or what you’ve been through, you’re welcome at GLIDE.”

Last note: In the face of adversity, we have to re-double our effort to be positive, dwell on the good in our lives, and project that energy into actions. Remember, the reason we’re all sacrificing, is so that we can all stay safe. One day soon, we’ll return to a new normal.