Friday the 13th at Winchester Mystery House

For those who can’t get enough of Halloween and things that go bump in the night… if you can get yourself to San Jose, a unique experience awaits.

Winchester Mystery House Celebrates Friday the 13th

For nearly 100 years the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, has stood as an architectural wonder; a time capsule of a bygone era and one of America’s most celebrated haunted mansions – listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Sarah Winchester was supposedly obsessed with the number 13—the mansion has 13 bathrooms, 13 fireplaces, and 13 steps in the flight of stairs.

At 1 p.m. (the 13th hour), the historic bell will be rung 13 times in her honor… Later that evening, Winchester Mystery House will offer its signature Flashlight Tour, during which guests will be guided through the mansion while they hear unnerving stories of the home’s haunted history.

What a cool way to visit the Bay Area landmark; poking around the mansion with flashlights.

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