Pieces of Old Bay Bridge Repurposed for Free Interactive Art Exhibit on Treasure Island

A new large public artwork will debut on Treasure Island beginning September 22nd and remain in place through 2022. San Francisco-based conceptual artist Tom Loughlin created Signal; a free, interactive piece made from three 12-ton girders that used to be on the Eastern span of the old San Francisco Bay Bridge. It also uses an original signal light from the top of the old bridge.

The installation on the western edge of Treasure Island gives visitors a panoramic view of the bay and the city, while maintaining a connection to the former bridge, as light from the signal lamp pulses, and a low, cyclical vibration mimics a foghorn.

This exhibit will be the largest and most ambitious public art project to date stemming from the Bay Bridge Steel Program. It’s also the first large-scale work selected to debut in the Bay Area and the first within a stone’s throw of the bridge itself.

Photo Credit: East Span of the old Bay Bridge by Dan Bluestein

Written by Carlos Olin Montalvo

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