Change after change is shaping San Francisco with a contant drip of news that one “classic” business after another is closing. And the changes are only accelerating. So, it should be no surprise, that earlier this week, the cafe / pie shop, Mission Pie announced they’d be closing September 1st. But the reasons cited for their closing were troubling.

“As a business founded with some very clear values, we have reached the point where Mission Pie is not going to be economically viable into the future unless we make serious changes,” explains Karen Heisler, owner. “And we’ve spent two years evaluating our options and we haven’t found anything that doesn’t either compromise our values or look like a bad business proposition.” – from Mission Local

Most often, the rent is raised so much that business can’t afford to go on or not to the degree where the owner(s) can simply raise prices to absorb their increased costs. What if, as is the case with Mission Pie, the business owns the building? What if the business is apparently doing everything right – lots of customers, good service, and a good product? That’s what makes this Mission Pie news difficult to digest. And sadly, for other existing or would be “mom & pops” that make this city so damn cool, the moment is conspiring against them too.


Mission Pie
2901 Mission Street, San Francisco
Call (415) 282-1500 to order one of their pies while you still have the chance – 9″ whole pies are $27.

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