Last week Lateef the Truth Speaker (Quannum Projects and Latyrix) dropped a new single “Class Wars” featuring Gift of Gab and Lyrics Born. As part of that release, the Oakland artist announced a new project with DJ Jah Yzer and Winstrong – Roots & Tings. The trio will tour throughout 2019; initially in support of Blackalicious. The Roots & Tings project features island tinged remixes of Lateef’s hits, as well as fresh new tracks.

    Lateef reflects on the new project, “Roots & Tings came about as an organic evolution of an idea to do remixes for a mixtape, that led to more conversations and original ideas, which led to more songs.” He continues, “The name Roots & Tings came from the idea that the music should reflect the source, the soul- or the ‘Root’- of the music we were making, and all of the ways that we added on to those original ideas with new ideas and interpretations would be the ‘Tings’.”

Roots & Tings plans to roll out singles monthly throughout 2019 with Quannum Records. Each release will be packaged both digitally and as 45s (includes limited edition artwork) and will be accompanied with limited edition t-shirt from aspiring designers.

    Roots & Tings is an ode to the love affair between Hip-Hop and Reggae music since the inception of hip hop. The music is a combination of all the different iterations through the years, of both genres.