If the Color Factory and the Ice Cream Museum had a love child, that would probably be Candytopia, the candy-abundant experiential exhibit coming to San Francisco in September. After an appearance in Los Angeles and, later this summer, in New York City, the three-month exhibit will land on Market Street, hoping to hit a sweet spot with visitors.


The format is, by now, well known; themed rooms and interactive art installations. Utilizing candy in all shapes and forms, from gummy bears to chocolate, from a candy-studded poster of Marilyn Monroe to pools of pillowy marshmallows, Candytopia colorful photo ops will be aplenty. Candytopia is a collaboration between artist and candy aficionado Jackie Sorkin, ZH Productions, and retail veteran John Goodman, who’s also based in San Francisco. As summer ends and mid-term elections drearily approach, you know you won’t be able to resist a glimpse come September.

767 Market Street
September 6th-November 30th, $26 for kids and $34 for adults (kids under the age of 3 go free).
Tickets are available here.