October 8 Update: October 9th is the last chance you’ll have to enjoy La Victoria’s delicious baked goods. It’s a truly sad day when an institution business with decades of ties within the community closes its doors. Even sadder, is the apparent lack of agreement within the family trust that owns the building that led to this moment.

. . . . . . .

After 67 years of business on 24th Street in the Mission, the building that houses the local bakery La Victoria is set to be sold next month. It’s not just La Victoria that relies on the building, the other five subtenants who lease space in the kitchen to cook and bake their food might also need to look for space and work elsewhere.


Jaime Maldonado, whose father started the bakery in 1951, said that there was a disagreement within the family and his stepmother and stepsister, who hold the lease to the building, decided to sell. “I understand where everyone is coming from, but it’s hard to move on when you’ve been doing something for so long,” Jaime says.

According to ABC 7, it is still unclear if the nearly 30 employees who are currently working out of La Victoria’s kitchen will have jobs come next month, as the small businesses are desperately looking for other shops to call home after hearing this sudden and sad news. “We’re not going to have a kitchen to work out of anymore,” says Phil Stefani, who feels like he and the other business owners are being forced out without proper notice and with nowhere else to go.

The business owners have been told they need to vacate the premises by this time next month. There is also a jewelry store and a barber shop with separate storefronts within this same building. It’s unclear, at the moment, if they will also be leaving or will stay.

Go support La Victoria while you still have a chance, and enjoy some of their delicious baked goods.

La Victoria
2937 24th St
Open 6am to 9pm