Desert Arts Preview Gives a Sneak Peek at this Year’s Burning Man Creative Projects & Installations

For an early look at some of the art projects that will be on display at Burning Man, the Desert Arts Preview gives artists a chance to share and speak about projects they plan to bring to the playa in 2018.

This year, organizers of the annual event will also honor Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey, who recently passed away, and decided to move the event from Gray Area to the Nourse Theatre to better accommodate the growing community. Burning Man Project established the Larry Harvey Art and Philosophy Fund to support art projects, philosophical endeavors, and other work that reflects Larry’s passion for the playful and the profound.

The one-night celebration allows artists to share their inspiration through short presentations, giving the audience an exclusive window into their imagination and creative process. The event will also share how anyone can get involved and support these, and other artists, at the Burning Man event and year-round.


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Thirty art projects will be represented through short presentations and in the art gallery. Projects range from a 32’ tall polar bear made out of recycled car hoods, to a great train wreck, plus a range of robots, trees, giant flowers, UFOs, and a wide collection of interactive art. Arthur Mamou-Mani, the lead artist of Galaxia, this year’s Temple, will also be there in person to share insights and progress from his international team.

Presenters include:
The Temple: Galaxia by Arthur Mamou-Mani
RadiaLumia by FoldHaus Collective
Stardust by Paige Tashner
Myriapoda Robota by David Date and Art To Be Continued…
Camera Lucida by Bill Evans
RE-CYCLONE by Chromaforms Art Collective
Luna Flora by The Coop at Arcosanti
Chilopod by Lawrence Grown and TeamEmbrio
Trace by Kate Greenberg and the Dust Crusaders
Kinesios by Bradley Norris and ND Collective
Scriptorium by Majorelle Arts
Singularity by Rebekah Waites
Long View by a polar bear stands in the desert: Don Kennell and Arctic Burn 505
Tree of Life by Tyler Rivenbark, Frida Ticehurst and Institute for Human Creativity
The Great Train Wreck by Collaborative Artisans Reno-Sacramento

The art gallery includes all the presenters mentioned above, plus:
Big Pollinator by Jakob Bokulich
Wrong Desert by Wesley Skinner
Spider Sweet Project by Bryan Argabrite and Chelsea Argabrite
Bloom by Peter Hazel
Kaleidoscope by Greg Barron
Rainbow Bridge by Josh Zubkoff
Transcendent Souls by Nicole Ashton Martin
The Intersection by Timur Kadyrov and Liya Iva
Let U.S. Prey by Mr & Mrs Ferguson Art
Ring Theory by John Pertsch
Skull on Wheels by Paul Duncker
Odd Jelly Out by uckiood – Missy Douglas & Kim Rask
Jokeatron 5200 by Natali Leduc and American Consumer Consortium
Resolute Arch by Richard Rhodes
B.Ÿ.T.E. by Andrew Lazorchak

Desert Arts Preview 2018
Nourse Theatre (275 Hayes St, San Francisco
June 03, 2018
Doors open at 6pm, presentations begin at 7pm

Written by Carlos Olin Montalvo

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