Warning to pizza lovers: Dan Bransfield’s new illustrated book, Pizzapedia, might initiate a pizza craving. This guide to everyone’s favorite food, published by Ten Speed Press, is the ultimate book for those who can never have too much pizza in their lives. Filled with colorful illustrations of ingredients, pizza trucks to the beloved mascots; the book digs into the origins of pizza, and the various stylings, from Sicilian to New York styles, and Chicago to Detroit.

Dan Bransfield begins the book by explaining his longtime heartfelt feelings for pizza. His early days were spent with his brothers and sisters watching 70s TV shows while eating takeout neighborhood pizza. Now an adult, his love of pizza has not wavered. And thus, the reasoning behind the book, an homage to pizza, a food that brings so much pleasure to so many.

According to Statistic Brain’s 2017 stats, pizza has an annual sales revenue of $32 billion; pizzerias in the U.S. total 70,000 and 93% percent of Americans eat at least one piece of pizza per month. So, if you are one of the pizza-obsessed, treat yourself to a copy of Pizzapedia—and a slice while you’re at it.

Also, tomorrow, April 6, head over to the Bindery for a meet and greet with Dan Bransfield. And yes, there will be pizza.

Not everyone’s going to like me. I’m not pizza. – anonymous (quote from “Pizzapedia”)

Images courtesy of Ten Speed Press