For four days, the Armory will be open to the public for an estate sale before it closes its doors. Visitors to the historic Mission district building—which was a formerly a military fortress, BDSM pornography studio, and finally an events venue, can purchase items ranging from kitchenware to Victorian furniture, to office supplies and sex toys.

The estate sale starts Friday, April 6 at 10am and runs until Monday, April 9 at 4pm. Expect to find a variety of strange memorabilia— given the Armory’s diverse history. You can view a list along with photos of items for sale ahead of the start date here.

The Armory was originally constructed as an armory and arsenal for the United States National Guard in 1912–1914 and served as a castle-like stronghold and rallying point for the National Guard in their suppression of the 1934 San Francisco General Strike (an event known as “Bloody Thursday”). The building closed as an armory in 1976, when the National Guard moved its facilities to Fort Funston.

In 2006, the Armory was purchased by, an internet pornography producer specializing in BDSM pornography. More recently, the Armory has functioned as a concert venue, party space, and host of other entertainment.

Earlier this year, the Armory building sold for $65 million to a British developer who plans to convert it into manufacturing and office space.