Are you ready for a classic-Hollywood binge-weekend at the Roxie? Twelve societally-current films from the 1930s to 1960s will be shown over a 4-day weekend. From Friday, March 23 to Monday, March 26, The Dark Side of the Dream series plays out “Subversive Cinema for Subversive Times: 1933 to 1964.”

The programming team of Bay Area legend Elliot Lavine and Don Malcolm selected these movies from eras gone by, all with notable similarities to happenings in America today.

We had a sneak peek at one of the films, Heroes for Sale (1933). At first look, the film appears dated, but very quickly the story picks up and reveals that the everyman hasn’t changed all that much. This drama shows the still common struggles to make a buck, get a meal, and to do the right thing.  After this March weekend, you’ll surely have a lot to contemplate, and maybe try to fix so that past injustices and mistakes don’t repeat themselves, again.



The Dark Side of the Dream
March 23 to March 26, 2018
Roxie Theatre 

Friday, March 23
Try and Get Me (1951, Cy Endfield), 7:00pm
Black Legion (1937, Archie Mayo), 9:00pm

Saturday, March 24
The Lawless (1950, Joseph Losey), 2:00pm
M (1951, Joseph Losey), 3:45pm
The Naked Kiss (1964, Samuel Fuller), 7:00pm
Marked Woman (1937, Lloyd Bacon). 9:00pm

Sunday, March 25
Heroes For Sale (1933, William Wellman), 1:30pm
They Won’t Forget (1937, Mervyn LeRoy), 3:15pm
A Face In The Crowd (1957, Elia Kazan), 6:00pm
Meet John Doe (1941, Frank Capra), 8:30pm

Monday, March 26
Body And Soul (1947, Robert Rossen), 7:00pm
We Were Strangers (1949, John Huston), 9:15pm