Kevin Klein’s Radio Show Cancelled After Live 105 Rebrand – Comedian Bob Saget and Smash Mouth Weigh In

Abruptly and without warning fans of the Kevin Klein Live radio show discovered their favorite morning commute show was not on the air. Klein announced the cancelation of his show posting a video announcing the decision. “I regret to inform you that Kevin Klein Live will no longer be heard on 105.3, effective immediately,” he said. “We did so many questionable things on the air over the last few years that I always knew I would say this, but it still stings.” Watch the full statement here.


Fans of the cult show have put together a petition to keep the show alive on and are more than half way to reaching their 5,000 signature goal.

KITS rebranded from LIVE 105 to ALT 105.3 a couple days before Christmas.

Written by Carlos Olin Montalvo

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  1. Yeah that sucks. I like alternative rock but the only Music playing on that station is new bubblegum rock aka a bunch of feminine sounding men singing to stupid computer aided beats. Its rare you even hear a guitar in songs now. Kevin Klein Live was the only reason I listened to the station, now I wont be listening, I hope its ratings and listeners drop dramtically.

  2. that sucks you guys got cancelled you were the only reason I listened to that station, 90% of the music is crap but you guys made my morning everyday. Good luck to both of you in the future and hope to here you guys again soon.

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