After operating for 32 years with some struggles in recent months, the all-ages nightclub, concert venue, 24-hour restaurant and cafe, DNA Lounge, caught the well-deserved, lucky break that it needed. It has been awarded legacy business status by the Board of Supervisors and the Small Business Commission, thanks to the large impact it has on the local community, hosting a variety of diverse events.

Back in January of this year, owner Jamie Zawinski (JWZ) admitted that he might be forced to close DNA Lounge permanently due to financial issues. Fortunately, a new option presented itself to keep his business intact.

Visit San Francisco’s legacy business website to see the full list of recognized small businesses. San Francisco’s legacy business program looks to preserve independent, locally-owned businesses that are culturally relevant to the City, by providing grant opportunities to both Legacy Business owners and property owners who agree to lease extensions with Legacy Business tenants.

DNA Lounge is currently investigating the grant opportunities, in parallel with making some in-house sound upgrades. Their entire sound system has been reconfigured and re-tuned, meaning all its shows in 2018 will have a much bigger boom, specifically a 20% increase in power, tighter bass, and cleaner sound. Upgrades include a new Midas M32 live mixing console and BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 main system processor in the main room, along with a new subwoofer amp.

While DNA Lounge has been granted legacy status, they stress that there is still a ways to go as far as protecting vibrant nightlife in the heart of SoMa. If you’d like to further donate to DNA Lounge there is a Patreon page going on here.