In this day and age, when someone of true quality surfaces among the myriad of dating apps, you hold on to that someone like a lifeline. If you’re lucky enough to find that special someone, make it official with a slightly more elevated and sophisticated dinner date.

When those stars align, and you’re ready to wine and dine that girl/guy/special someone in your life, here are some restaurants that embody that style and substance you’re looking for. From spots that are trending to surprising city gems, and the timelessly cool, here is a list to get you headed on the right path.

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Nothing says “I’m so into you,” like a perfect omakase dinner served on artisan clay plates. Robin, the new Hayes Valley sushi temple by chef Adam Tortosa, is the perfect spot to savor pristine, elevated nigiri and sashimi. (Bonus points for recognizing the rarer fish varieties on the elaborate menu). The bites are small yet perfectly flavored, opening endless avenues for conversation and discussion, and the atmosphere is just casual enough to balance out elegance with stress-free enjoyment.

620 Gough St

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The newest project by Motze’s Nick Balla & Cortney Burns is surprisingly humble and understated for that casual cool vibe. Additionally, impress your date with the restaurant’s unique cuisine, characterized as Central European. Find Hungarian treats, crispy salami salads, addictive potato bread and rich Spatzle (a way sexier dish than it sounds) in an intimate atmosphere.

983 Valencia St

August 1 Five

The stunning restaurant is part of the city’s recent modern Indian wave, transporting eaters to exotic vacations in an instant. Opt for a cozy booth and order from the creative menu, full of flirtatious gimmicks, from appetizers you can spoon feed to each other (if you’re into that type of thing) to interactive desserts. For an unusual twist, make it a brunch date. The newly added brunch menu is full of surprises, and you’ll get the daylight shining in on the beautiful interior.

524 Van Ness Ave

Feast, friends and folly. #anightatalbarays #albarays #missioncajun

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Alba Ray’s

Few cities are sexier and more romantic than New Orleans. This new Mission restaurant does a fine job at bringing NOLA to San Francisco, with muted lighting, ornamental gates and indoor plants. On the menu, there’s plenty of decadence to be shared. The cocktails are properly boozy and the velvety mac & cheese and the huge jambalaya, mixed table-side, are all stand-outs.

2293 Mission St

Petit Marlowe

The wine bar and restaurant by the Marlowe founders is basically date night perfection. From the Parisian vibe to the sensational oysters to three different tartare dishes, this is the place to book if you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned courtship—champagne glass in one hand, buttered toast in the other.

234 Townsend St

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Other honorary mentions: Other honorary mentions:
The Corridor (go for the second floor for additional oompf)

The Saratoga (nibble on hamburgers and sip cocktails surrounded by trendy folks)

E&O Kitchen (a Union Square gem celebrating 20 years of fine dining)