5 Ways the Renewed Lake is a Game Changer for Lightning in a Bottle 2017

Since 2014, Lightning in a Bottle has been held at the (Lake) San Antonio Recreation Area. With the drought, the past few years have been a dusty, desert-like festival experience on arid land. But that’s now history. With all of the rain this past winter, Lake San Antonio is now 50% full and available for aquatic activities for Lightning in a Bottle 2017! Here are five ways the lake is going to shake up the festival experience and get everyone wet and wild.

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1. Wake up and take a dip before morning yoga.

With a full line up of yoga classes and meditation workshops, starting the day with a peaceful dip in the lake’s cool waters will cleanse the body and quiet the mind, getting you ready for some serious internal bliss at any one of the many classes.

2. Swim up to the aquatic art installations.

With the X factor of the lake this year, the Do Lab asked three professional craftsmen to design and create a few interactive lake experiences. These floating, boardable, buoyant barges will range from a bell tower to a jungle gym to a floating garden. Read more from the artists that created these innovative aquatic art installations.


3. Dance in the water next to the stage.

With the set times posted and the stage locations planned, check out how close the water is to some of your favorite stages/artists. Attendees will be able to dance and splash around as the music pulses, creating an incredible daytime aqua-sonic experience.


4. Floaties

Bring a swan, a pizza, a pretzel, a donut or whatever floatation device you can muster! The lake is going to be rife with rafts this year for a floatopia kind of paradise. Don’t be caught without a floatation device and miss lake sunbathing and gently drifting from stage to stage.


5. Sunsets over the water

Howl at the sunset just like at every LIB, but this year, share that magical experience with friends while watching the sunlight shimmer across the calm waters of the lake. As the golden glow reflects off its waters, it’ll be clear why the lake will make 2017 an unforgettable LIB.

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