When Anthony Rogers took a summer internship at 7×7 right after college he didn’t know it would precipitate the launch of his first magazine, Bob Cut.

The first issue of the publication, which debuts stunning visual content spread out over a 100-pages, tours the fashion and art scenes, and rounds up interviews from noteworthy artisans and designers emblematic of San Francisco’s current culture. While there are websites and an endless number of blogs hoping to do the same, Bob Cut has created a real-deal tangible magazine, a less-often-seen form of media that is an art form in its own right.

Rogers, originally from the Northwest, moved to the city to attend the Academy of Art University for photography. Traces of Roger’s visual finesse show up repeatedly throughout Bob Cut, making it a true representation of his style and work.

“The print magazine is mainly image based, it could be because I’m a photographer, but I resonate with beautiful imagery,” he said, describing himself as “really less of a writer, having honed his writing to be more free-flowing and relaxed rather than the meticulous educational format learned in school.”

Successful publications such as 7×7, SF Magazine and SOMA, as well as international sources like Urbanlike and Cereal largely influence his direction and intent. “I’m always willing to learn from publications who vastly outrank me,” Rogers said. “It’s also definitely about building a solid voice that doesn’t sound copied.”

After nearly five months doing the photographing, writing, producing, social planning and email blasting himself, his co-editor Danielle Wallis hopped on board and they began to build out a team.

Bob Cut is not just all about the allure, but also about spotlighting local innovators and those ‘it-kids’ who drive local trends. While the magazine is just getting off the ground, there are plans in the works to increase circulation through Bay Area boutiques (currently the printed copies can be found at San Francisco’s Smoke Signals Newsstand, Seldom Seen, ODSY Workshop—plus left with PR firms, fashion designers, and restaurants who have a shared chic aesthetic in their respective lines of business.

smokesignalsSmoke Signals Newsstand (SF) carries ‘Bob Cut Magazine’

With an overwhelmingly positive response to the magazine’s launch, of course, the question is what’s next? Rogers, along with his very close-knit group of writers and producers, plan to pursue more guides, “inside-the-studios” features, shop talks and photo essays.

“My intention for the magazine was for me, to at the end of the day, love it—but it was also for people to want to carry it around, reference it, and gain a little insight they might not have already gotten otherwise.”

As far as the name goes, Rogers says Bob Cut comes from when he cut his long hair to a bob length back in college. He always felt fresh and renewed. The way he hopes readers do after viewing the magazine. Rogers also recalled a moment that stuck with him—when an old college instructor of his had made a comment referring to the name, “it sounds like you’re cutting to the chase. No fluff, just great imagery and to-the-point writing.”

Look out for the upcoming issue of Bob Cut Mag, expected toward the end of the year. In the meantime, you can read and see more online here.


 12473897_545721705592831_9008469981262389754_oCopy of the first issue, via Bob Cut Facebook

bobcut3 Photo by Dustin Soriano

tumblr_inline_o5c81rSPqx1qcg0hm_1280 (1)Artwork by Kayla Soler