Smart, Sexy, Saucy…The Uninhibited Series Delivers the Whole Package

Shiver me Tinders, the Uninhibited series is here! As spring fever starts to kick in, and with summer romance right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to explore some of our most innate human forces…sex, love, and knowledge.

This series of events, parties, and talks at the JCCSF are open to the community and celebrate San Francisco’s forward-thinking views on human sexuality. And like that Salt-N-Pepa song “Let’s Talk About Sex,” the JCSSF is all for it, so let’s talk about it already!

The JCCSF Uninhibited: About Sex series includes your chance to hear from leading sex-columnist Dan Savage, modern relationship thought guru Esther Perel, and the lovely lady of science and female sexuality Nicole Prause. Also, hear from experts on what deleted sex-related google histories might be saying about our culture at large, or what animals are doing in the forest when there’s no one around to hear them. 

Through this series, there’s something/someone for everyone – I know you singles have heard that before, but this time it’s for real. Here are some dates you won’t want to miss, so leave some room in your black book!


Take It Off! The New Burlesque

Take It Off! is turning heads! Among the dazzling burlesque queens set to take stage, you’ll see the world’s only pogo striptease artist. From classic burlesque tributes to punk rock revisionists, expect quite a performance as women (and men) of all ages, sizes and backgrounds turn up the heat. Check out this imaginative and sexy revival showcase Friday, March 18th.

160211AI_UninhibitedDanFacebook_v1 Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund Lecture
Dan Savage

The handsome, sexy and smart gentleman who is Dan Savage will be in town. Dan Savage is one of the most well-known sex-advice columnists with his wise and witty writing syndicated to more than fifty newspapers. He is not shy when it comes to cultural conversations about monogamy, gay rights, religion and politics. In 1991, when printed media reigned supreme, he established the sex-advice column “Savage Love”. Today his podcast Savage Lovecast, is one of iTunes top 50 podcasts. He is also a regular contributor to This American Life and frequent guest on The Colbert Report. How does he do it!? Find out Monday, March 21st.


Bawdy Storytelling: True Stories of Sexual Adventure!

Bawdy Storytelling is the nation’s original sex and storytelling show, which features an array of speakers sharing their bona fide sexual exploits, live onstage. As LA Weekly playfully summed it, this is like “The Moth for pervs.” Join authors, poets, comedians and actors as they share some of their best kiss and tell moments. Reminiscent of those tumultuous teenage years, throw yourself back in time, and into a swift range of emotions – laughter, tears of joy, lust, and everything in between. Also “Did I ever tell you, about this one time at band camp?…” Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s save it for the show, Thursday, March 24th.


The Big O: Women and Sexual Desire

If you don’t think women are as sexual as men, or if you’re not sure female orgasms actually exist, then you really need to talk with Nicole Prause. Nicole Prause is a neuroscientist and founder of a company focused on researching women’s sexuality. They conduct scientific studies on orgasms, studying their power to boost desire and alleviate depression. Whoever says “brains and beauty don’t go together” also needs to come to this class because “seeing is believing!” Tuesday, April 5th


UnderCover Presents: Under the Covers

Don’t sleep on this event! This is not UnderCover’s first time throwing parties or seducing the senses. This award-winning series will bring together dance-worthy groups Midtown Social and Planet Booty.

Midtown Social is a nine-piece ensemble that blends soul, funk and rock. Planet Booty is about feeling good. Positive self-image and dance vibes all the way. Their sound is a mix of electronics and live instrumentation; a driving electro, funk, and sexy RnB blend. Dress to impress, and bring your dancing shoes! Saturday April 16th.


A Celebration of Animal Reproduction

In case you think some sexual behavior seems downright unnatural, then you oughta see what’s going on in nature! Cuddly creatures doing a lot more than cuddling is all a part of nature’s plan. Dinosaur misogyny, female octopi capable of killing males during intercourse, a homosexual flamingo couple, and promiscuous pandas are concepts I  learned about just from reading the show preview. Imagine what more you can learn from zoologist and BBC broadcaster Jules Howard. Thursday, April 21st.

160211AI_UninhibitedSeth2Facebook_v1 Googling Sex

Even if you cleared your internet search history, the truth is out there! (Yes, that was an X-files reference, for those of you back in it  for the new season.) And as you suspected, the Internet knows your secrets! Once you’re done shaking your fist at the computer screen, hear what former Google data scientist and New York Times op-ed contributor Seth Stephens-Davidowitz knows. With over a billion Google searches a month, there are a lot of secrets found within that collective search bar history. Find out what big-data sources say about our bodies, how much sex we’re (really) having, and much more on Monday, May 2nd.


Esther Perel

Esther Perel, a self-proclaimed thought leader and writer of Mating In Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence, is recognized as one of the most insightful speakers on domestic relationships. With over seven million views on her 2013 Ted Talk,  it is clear that there is a desire and need to learn more about how to make intimate relationships work in our modern world. Join her on Sunday, May 15th.

Sex, Jews and Videotape

If you regret not paying attention during your college film class, because you were too busy replaying that less-than-suave pickup line you had tried on that cutie in the cafeteria, now is your second chance to pay attention! Knowing a thing or two about television and film history equals major culture points. And whether film takes its cues from real-life or vice versa, there is a lot to be learned about society through film history.

Join film curator Peter L. Stein on Tuesday, May 31st for a fun, engaging and revealing clip-filled talk on how Jewish sexuality has been portrayed on screen.  From tales of forbidden love in Orthodox settings (Yentl, Eyes Wide Open), to the neurotics and sexual overachievers (Woody Allen films), to the frontiers of queer sexuality (Sandra Bernhard’s characters, Amazon’s Transparentt), Jewish sex on screen has run a gauntlet of taboos, stereotypes and character portrayals.