Renovations lasted for ever, and the office workers on Mission street were getting antsier and antsier, but the result is worth the wait. Volta, the newest restaurant by Umberto Gibin and Staffan Terje, the owners of Perbacco and barbacco, is now open for lunch and dinner. With a mixed homage to the French brasserie genre and Terje’s Scandinavian roots, it has a reserved, classic look and feel. This addition diversifies the dining options in this area where Downtown meets SoMa, and Westfield Centre.

A perfect example of Volta’s European fusion is the charcuterie selection, where jambon and foie gras reside next to Swedish pork shoulder terrine, or the cocktail menu, where ‘Holiday in Normandi’ is sharing the page with homemade aquavit and chilly vodka creations. The dinner mains are everything from poached mussels to dry aged duck.

For lunch, there are plenty of slightly more affordable, smaller dishes such as steak frites and Nicoise salad, but if you truly love the Nordic direction Volta carefully crafts, go for kottbular, the Swedish meatballs popularized by Ikea and elevated here to a new level of chic.

868 Mission St.

EWP2016_Volta-1075_webPhoto: Eric Wolfinger