Small but mighty, Hayes Valley offers endless lunch possibilities, from upscale to cheap. Here are some outstanding favorites:


Fatted Calf

Yes, it’s a butcher shop, but also the home of the most decadent meaty sandwiches you could have for lunch. Melt-in-your-mouth porchetta, juicy meatloaf, salumi and prosciutto – all super fresh, packed into delicious bread and accompanied by smart sauces and vegetables. Eat it on a nearby bench, and prepare for a nice siesta.

320 Fell Street




With ‘lunch’ in its name, the Lunchpad specializes in creative, satisfying sandwiches with funny names. Delicious options include Juan Bon Jovi, with habanero candied bacon, the self-explanatory Roast Beast and the delicate vegetarian Dolce Vita. A fast, high quality lunch guaranteed.

581 Hayes Street




A local favorite, Souvla is going strong on flavor and Mediterranean charm. The succulent chicken sandwich, upgraded with oranges and fennel, is a must, but the fatty fries, the refreshing lamb salad and the avgolemono soup are equally addictive.

517 Hayes Street



Chez Maman West

Lunch can be decadent, and tried and tested Chez Maman is the right ticket. Be it escargot, Caesar salad or a juicy hamburger, Maman’s lunches are affordable, big and incredibly chic, and the setting itself is quintessential Hayes Valley – stylish and European.

401 Gough Street