San Francisco Design Week is fast approaching, and the event program is busier than ever. To make the choice easier and a bit faster, here are 7 not-to-be-missed highlights from the very rich week of workshops, parties and panels:

1. SFDW Opening Reception at Pier 27
One doesn’t have to be a ‘design luminary’ to schmooze and mingle with the design crowd. The opening reception, with two drinks included in the ticket price, promises to be an especially bubbly affair, with installations and exhibits, music by Honey Soundsystem, digital ping-pong, and a long list of guests mixing designers, entrepreneurs and tech.
Thursday, June 4. 6:30pm – 9:30pm Tickets

2. Pret-a-PorterSF: Emerging Designers Ready-To-Wear Fashion Exhibit at Taylor/Monroe
San Francisco needs more proper fashion shows, especially ones featuring up-and-coming designers who are anything but tech-centric. The SFFAMA event tries to fulfill this need – it’s showcasing Ready-To-Wear collections by local talents, in a casual and fashion-forward atmosphere.
Saturday, June 6. 7pm – 9pm Tickets

3. Writing Hackathon at Makeshift
The ever-chic Makeshift Society space is hosting ‘Drinking Tea in the Shower’, a funky design/writing workshop aiming to create a collaborative, innovative magazine. Sign up, show up, pair up and work on a narrative combining textual and visual elements – the topic won’t be shared until the very last moment.
Saturday, June 6. 12pm – 5pm Tickets

4. Happy Hour with Netflix in Los Gatos
Have you ever thought about how Netflix could be better? Gain insight into how they design for you and maybe even get a chance to suggest some features you would like to see in future releases.
Monday, June 8. 7pm – 9pm Tickets

5. The Future of Work at Zendesk HQ
How’s our workplace going to look 5 years from now? Which software will become redundant and which will rule our lives? Representatives from Dropbox, Asana, Invision and Slack gather in a panel to discuss, touching on subjects we all lose sleep over.
Monday, June 8th. 7pm – 9pm Tickets

6. Clay with Your Food: Artful Plating with Chefs Bill Corbett & Evan Rich at Jered’s Pottery in Berkeley
What’s not to like about ‘artful plating’? Dinnerware designer Jered Nelson is teaming up with chefs Corbett and Rich, from the Absynth Group and Rich Table respectively, to talk about aesthetics, flavors, plating techniques and ceramics. The whole thing is wrapped up with delicious appetizers and wine pairings.
Wednesday, June 10. 2pm – 5pm Tickets

7. Studio Tours Day 2
Get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the places and people who make the SF Bay Area a haven for designers and push the boundaries of what is possible.
Wednesday, June 10. 6pm – 9pm Tickets