Just when you thought the Internet had killed every obscure pop culture reference happening before Y2K, this video came along to ruin that for you. 

This coming Monday, Everything is Terrible! continues its Legends Tour on the West Coast, beginning with (hey-o) San Francisco. Started in Chicago in 2007, Everything is Terrible! is a bizarre collection of video snippets dissected and haphazardly collated from the lonesome VHS racks lining local thrift stores.

It’s like the television series¬†Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, the children’s show¬†Yo Gabba Gabba! and the 80s cult horror flick Re-Animator gave birth to a virtual love child. Then, multiply that by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and divide by¬†every video¬†currently available on Reddit.

Cram every darkened nook of your brain with an unprecedented amount of psychedelic hilarity.

In one interview with the Phoenix New Times, Everything is Terrible!¬†was described by one of its founders as aiming to “cram every darkened nook of your brain with an unprecedented amount of psychedelic hilarity.” And cram it does — at moments straddling such a thin line between petrifying disbelief and a barrage of psychotic laughter — until the body is so uncomfortable with its own emotions it succumbs to a fit of awkwardly nostalgic laughter.

The tour, which has three upcoming shows happening in the Bay, promises to bring plenty of new reel to showcase, as well as a good amount of puppetry that will both shock and delight.

While they don’t use much in their video mashups, Everything is Terrible! also has a unique obsession with collecting every VHS of the¬†1996 comedy-drama¬†Jerry Maguire, which they find disproportionately represented throughout their second-hand searches. If you can’t get to the show this coming week, surely you know someone who has a copy of one of these lying around that you can send them…

On Monday May 25th, EIT Live will be at the Roxie in San Francisco and the following day they’ll travel to Oakland for two shows at The Parkway, 7pm & 9:30pm. Go here for more info: watch.everythingisterrible.com/