It’s a been a big year for local DJ and gal about town Laura Lisbona. In addition to serving as a resident DJ at Stretch Sunday, a recurring Spandex themed party at Monarch, she can be found performing at Bay Area venues with her sister as Lisbona.

We caught up with her to find out the top tracks that made her move in 2014.


Jungle – “Busy Earnin’”
What can I say? I’m a sucker for a track with neo-Bee-Gee-esque vocals, a modern-soul feel and a funky bassline. This song is so epic and catchy, but not cheesy catchy; it’s like, the-first-time-I-heard-Electric-Feel catchy.


Nick Monaco – “The Stalker”
This track actually gives you the feeling that you’re being stalked, but by a really attractive person. The vibe is intriguing and sexy, just like Nick Monaco.  I’ll say that any male artist who launches his own lipstick shade called “Freak Flag” is alright by me.


Kiesza – “Hideaway”
Kiesza does for pop music what CeCe Peniston was doing in the 90s; she makes quality house and electronic music palatable for the pop-heads, and I freaking like that. Plus, I mean, the video… duh.
Zero 7 – “Don’t Call It Love”
While there’s a part of me that misses the female vocalist from Zero 7, I just can’t fight the lovin’ feelings this male singer’s voice makes me feel. Plus, if you can say the words “longing” and “yearning” in a song and I’m not making fun of it, then it’s a pretty big deal. This song is especially perfect for rainy days and for when you miss the Junior Boys.


Pharell – “Happy”
Ok, so, before you judge me for being lame and/or uninventive, let me break it down. Yes, this song has been aggressively overplayed. However, it’s also a brilliantly soulful track with quality production and a positive message that’s effectively infiltrated the mainstream. We need more of that. It’s started peaceful dance riots (hello, Footloose?) and, well, it makes you feel—happy.


Shiny Objects – “You’re My Fool”
This is one of the selections off of the Om Records “Architects & Waves” compilation, which I love as a whole. I’m really into Shiny Objects (best artist name), and I especially like this track because it has a Depeche Mode vibe to it. I makes me feel like I’m being seduced in the 80s.


Ricoshëi – “Perfect Like You”
If Ricoshëi wanted, they could have turned this into a cheesy pop-EDM track. The catchiness of the vocals is certainly there and if you’re a lady, you are oh-so-positive they are singing to YOU (swoon).  It’s certainly an electronic track, but an organic feel prevails and the result is musical silkiness.


Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp – “Down For This”
This track was chosen by the undying raver in me. I play it almost every time I DJ because it’s such a fabulously gratuitous dance track and an instant party starter. The grimy, techy bass line gets me every time. I also play it in my house after I’ve been drinking tequila or when I need to get motivated to clean or work out. I am 100 percent down with it  (See what I did there?).