Dust off your cowbells. Ezra and Julia Croft, the husband and wife duo behind the wildly successful “Nicolas Cage Art Show” and “The Murray Affair,” return to pay tribute to another legend on November 28 with “The Walken Situation: an all Christopher Walken Art Exhibit.”

The Crofts began putting on celebrity-themed art shows earlier this year. Ezra Croft, a local DJ and producer, explains, “We try and devise who might be a well known subject with particularly interesting allure. Murray and Cage both stand out to me because of their personalities, and with Walken, there is something sinister and yet sweet about him.”

With the careful curation of quality art pieces and a party atmosphere at local night club Public Works, the event will include live music and DJs. Ezra hopes to create a space where the seriousness and silliness of art can be appreciated equally. Original art submissions were open to the public and those selected will be available for sale at the show.

“Having an art subject that comes from a pop standing enables artists to really draw from a more broad sense of concepts. It opens up the realm of creativity,” Ezra Croft says, “We have had so much fun with the previous shows and we have a full roster we’re planning for 2015. We want to shift focus on some of the shows to female subjects, too.”

Next year’s events will include a tribute to the life of Robin Williams on January 3rd.

More Cowbell – Saturday Night Live from Dee Three on Vimeo.