Preliminary results are in for the November 4 elections, including San Francisco’s soda tax and an increase to the city’s minimum wage.

The soda tax (Prop G) received a majority vote of 55 percent, but not the two-thirds majority vote needed to pass.

Minimum wage workers will see a gradual a pay increase up to $15 with the overwhelming passage of Prop J, while voters narrowly rejected Prop G, which would have added a tax on residential property sold within five years of purchase. Supporters say it would have helped reduce real estate speculation in San Francisco.


State Assembly District 17
David Chiu (D) 51%
David Campos (d) 49%

U.S. Rep. District 12
Nancy Pelosi (D) 82%
John Dennis ® 18%

Prop A: San Francisco Transportation and Road Improvement Bond
Yes 110,153 (votes)
No 44,488

Prop B: Transportation Bonds
Yes 93,289
No 59,305

Prop C: Children’s Fund
Yes 110,943
No 40,620

Prop D: Retiree Health Benefits
Yes 81,685
No 66,154

Prop E: Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
No 71,088
Yes 85,159 (majority two-thirds needed to pass)

Prop F: Pier 70
Yes 111,134
No 42,611

Prop G: Additional Transfer Tax on Residential Property Sold Within 5 Years of Purchase
No 83,309
Yes 71,008

Prop H: Requiring Certain Golden Gate Park Athletic Fields To Be Kept As Grass With No Artificial Lighting
No 83,652
Yes 70,824

Prop I: Renovation of Playgrounds, Walking Trails, and Athletic Fields
Yes 84,894
No 70,031

Prop J: Minimum Wage Increase
Yes 122,058
No 36,801

Prop K: Affordable Housing
Yes 100,872
No 54,191

Prop L: Policy Regarding Transportation Priorities
No 94,572
Yes 57,168


Jerry Brown (D) 59%
Neel Kashkari (R) 41%

Lieutenant Governor
Gavin Newsom (D) 56%
Ron Nehring (R) 44%

Secretary of State
Alex Padilla (D) 52%
Peter Peterson (R) 48%

Attorney General
Kamala Harris (D) 56%
Ronald Gold (R) 44%

Betty Yee (D) 53%
Ashley Swearengin (R) 47&

Prop 1 – Water System Bond
Yes 67%
No 33%

Prop 2 – Rainy Day Fund
Yes 69%
No 31%

Prop 45 – Health Insurance Rates
No 60%
Yes 40%

Prop 46 – Malpractice Limits
No 67%
Yes 33%

Prop 47 – Non-violent Penalties
Yes 58%
No 42%

Prop 48 – Indian Gaming
No 61%
Yes 38%