Chandamheer Stacker combines tough-girl utility with princess-like elegance with her style blog Pancake Stacker.

The 26-year-old social media manager and a blogger has built a following with her take on San Francisco style, along with posts on local spas, hair salons and the food scene. The tone is always personal and cheerful, and after a couple of pages you’ll feel like you’ve known this girl for ever, but that didn’t stop us from asking about her current favorite trends and styles.

Describe your personal style in 5 words:

Comfortable, urban, sassy, relatable yet original.

‏Describe San Francisco’s style in 5 words:

Unique, casual, eclectic, practical and effortlessly cool.

Which neighborhood do you live in and what do you love about it?

I live in the Marina, which almost always gets a bad rap, but I love it. I love being close to the water and watching the fog roll in. Listening to the fog horn at night is so calming.

‏What is a style must-have for ever San Francisco resident?

Comfortable flats and boots. With all the hills in this city, it’s important to have a pair of shoes you can walk in (with style, of course).

‏Where do you cut your hair and why?

I have naturally curly hair and have gone to the same gal, Nellie at Cuts and Colors, for years and years. She’s the only person I trust with my hair. It’s not a fancy salon, but I take quality over all the bells and whistles any day.

‏What’s your favorite city indulgence?

‏As cliché as it might be, coffee and macaroons. I love picking up a latte from Jane on Fillmore or an Iced Mint Mojito from Philz. My favorite macaroon shop is Chantal Guillon in Hayes Valley.

What’s your favorite boutique in the city and why?

I love supporting local street wear brands. True on Haight is a favorite to pick up tees and beanies.

‏Name the most stylish place in city.

Hayes Valley is my favorite neighborhood in the city. It’s vibrant and full of character. There are so many little shops and boutiques – it’s a great place to spend an afternoon.

‏Describe the perfect San Francisco summer outfit, and where to wear it.

Summer in San Francisco doesn’t really exist until October, so while the rest of the country is experiencing summer, I’d call our current weather June Gloom. From now until October, it’s all about layers. My favorite look for the current weather is distressed denim, a dressy top, fun sandals (or boots, depending on how cold it is!), and a light jacket or sweater.

This outfit is perfect, day to night—a day time lunch with friends at one of the many amazing restaurant in the city, to a night time happy hour for drinks at a trendy new bar.