As California seemingly continues to move backwards on the issue of medical marijuana, San Jose, in particular, is struggling with the issue. That’s why the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition will be handing out free pot to those who vote in Tuesday’s election as part of their “Weed for Votes” program.

John Lee, director of the coalition, spoke to the San Jose Mercury News about taking a pre-emptive stance in order to have a better chance of legalization in future elections.

“We have a huge opportunity to make a large impact in who runs San Jose,” Lee told the Mercury News. “Although we may not have regulations on the June ballot, insuring the right politicians are elected is even more important.”

Although the offer doesn’t appear to break the law, which forbids influencing voters in a variety of ways including gifts, it’s certainly a grey area, and it all depends on how the free marijuana is given to voters.

The Coalition hopes to influence the impending decision of new regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose, which will make it more difficult for dispensaries to be located near schools, churches, recreation centers and other public places.