The routine of scroll, scroll, double-tap, and scroll on Instagram is familiar to many of us. It’s all an endless stream of #selfies and unnecessary overhashtagging but that’s not the case when you come across Sherilyn’s Instagram, @_sher. You can’t help but double-tap everything. Currently working as a nurse, Sherilyn uses her photos to showcase her creative side. The eye-catching spots in San Francisco to some of her travels around the globe capture the eyes of 25K+ followers. We spoke to Bay Area native, Sherilyn, and asked her a couple of questions about where her favorite places are to Instagram and she gives a couple tips to Instagrammers.

Your pictures capture moments so well. Do you have a background in photography?

No, nothing formal. Taking a photography class is definitely on my list of to-do’s, but for now it’s fun snapping photos on my iPhone. I’m a cardiac nurse working in the South Bay, so when I have free time I like to just post photos from my weekend getaways or trips. My iPhone makes it easy to take a quick shot when something catches my eye. But, I would love to invest in a DSLR one day.

It seems like you travel around quite a bit. What’s your favorite place that you’ve Instagrammed and why?

Just recently, I feel like I’ve caught the traveling bug. That’s why I love photography; the places it brings you and the memories you can keep forever. Since my sister has moved to Oahu, Hawaii, I’ve been looking forward to shooting on our hikes and cliff jumps and simply catching the sunset. No matter where I go, I still love exploring new and old places in SF and capturing everyday events.

The pictures you’ve posted of places around SF make me fall in love with the city all over again. Where’s your all time favorite SF hill, park, or place to shoot from?

My go-to-spot is Sutro Bath Ruins because it never disappoints. I can almost always guarantee an amazing sunset. I love sitting at the top of the hill and watching the sun go down. There’s plenty of places to wander off and catch a whole new perspective. It’s funny how I’ve come to love the fog. Before I used to think the fog was in the way, but now I find myself chasing it (laughs) and SF has plenty of it.

Any tips or advice for aspiring Insta-photographers?

I’m no expert. It’s a fun way of documenting my day, how I’m feeling, and/or where I’m off to. I guess the only bit of advice I could share would be to experiment (find out what you like/works). I usually find myself taking an extra moment to frame the shot and consider how it would look in the square format. But most importantly, don’t be so concerned about what others think, take photos of things you love, and have fun!