Because four-on-the-floor does not refer to that desk holding you captive until the weekend, here are four of San Francisco’s best parties this weekend.

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March 27: Robot NightLife with Jerome LOL and Octo Octa (DJ Set) at California Academy of Sciences
Museums cater towards curiosity, yet thanks to the California Academy of Sciences’ popular NightLife series, they now also bring cocktails and live music to muse over. For this robot themed Thursday, Brooklyn based producer Octo Octa will provide a glossy DJ set from 6pm to 9pm that is all but mechanic.

A 2012 Red Bull Music Academy participant and stronghold for luxury groove, expect a mix of retro disco to deeper house sounds that give light to Octo Octa’s own lustrous house productions.

Closing the night from 9pm to 10pm, LA’s Jerome LOL will do a live show on the wake of his February 2014 EP, Deleted / Fool. His ultimately lightweight and sailing house is at times jazzy, hints pleasingly at pop and keeps it contrary with the occasional sound sample from AOL Instant Messenger. Overall, it’s left field dancing all night.

March 28: DJ Harvey at Public Works
“Hedonism” may be a hype word for club nights, but DJ Harvey is in no rush to renounce pleasure. After all, it was this cosmic-disco-punk who so famously said, “You can’t understand my music until you’ve had group sex on Ecstasy.” Whether that offends you, or whether there’s a topless girl shimmying to your right, few humans, let alone DJs, have been able to accrue such a cult following by way of charm and disco music.

In a sizeable career, Harvey’s seen more than a few days of glimmer behind his signature glasses, from beginnings as a punk rock drummer, through his Tonka Hi Fi crew and mid-90s residency at Ministry of Sound, and now onto a few summer festival appearances, including Sonar and Unknown Croatia.

The outlandish psych rock, techno, Balearic house, and rare disco edits in his vibrantly rich record collection are just half the party. Where and when he lays each record down and his finesse for steering energy, are the reasons why Harvey proves to be as timeless and unruly as tongue-on-tongue action—a true hedonist, if you will.

March 29: !!! (Chk Chk Chk DJ Set) at Audio Discotech
It’s always a bit hard to gauge when bands decide to DJ, though take it as a good omen that !!! measures the success of their live show on whether or not the crowd goes “completely bananas.”

Driven to discover energies that make clubs bump, they’ve been called dance-punk to new wave disco throughout a more than 15-year run. Six members, thick bass and a good deal of electronics build into their punchy, epic funk. We can’t say for sure what spunk and spark !!! is going to throw down on the turntables, but the intrigue is quite a bright piece of bait.

March 29: Mr. Oizo at Mezzanine
If you’ve done any hard partying in the last 10 years, chances are, Ed Banger Records rings a bell like a knockout. Mr. Oizo (pronounced Monsieur Wah-zoh) is among the top tier of these French electro producers. His angle? Boozed up and befuddled funk, chopped, flipped, and bound to explode. While you may not have seen his 2010 film, Rubber, about a killer car tire, you’ve probably at one point heard “Positif” on the dance floor.