The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is understandably known, primarily, for their annual summer festival. However, they’re expanding this year with their first ever Winter Fest taking place at the Vogue Theater on February 23. Similar to their longer, annual festival, the one day Winter Fest showcases films that touch upon Jewish culture. What makes a film “Jewish” is a well that grows larger every year for the organization. Whether it’s a film like Bethlehem, Israel’s official entry for the 2014 Best Foreign Language Oscar, or A Short History of Decay starring Bryan Greenburg (How to Make it in America) as a struggling Brooklyn writer who heads to Florida to care for his ailing father after being dumped by his long-time girlfriend, the SF Jewish Film Festival has an elastic sense of what makes a film Jewish.

This first Winter Fest, in what may very well become an annual tradition, offers the same quality programming visitors to their previous festivals have become accustomed to. And for those who have yet to attend, the Winter Fest is a great place to be introduced to some quality films. With only six films spanning one Sunday afternoon, it’s sure to be short but sweet.

Full Winter Fest Lineup:

12:00pm: It Happened in St. Tropez (Daniele Thompson, Director)
2:30pm: Cupcakes (Eytan Fox, Director)
4:30pm: Bethlehem (Yuval Adler, Director)
6:40pm: A Short History of Decay (Michael Maren, Director)
8:40pm: S#x Acts (Jonathan Gurfinkel, Director)

Head over to the SF Jewish Film Festival website for more information and advance tickets.