The filthy little room that once hosted San Francisco’s world-famous Lusty Lady peep show will soon be a new bar under the management of the same team running Tosca Cafe.

Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield will bring cocktails and bar snacks to the space, according to InsideScoop, with nods to the location’s seedy past—imagine the creative cocktails bar manager Isaac Shumway (also bar manager at Tosca Cafe) could create in homage.

With an opening scheduled for late 2014, initial plans call for a “dark dive bar vibe downstairs” and “a peep show dynamic, perhaps wherein a customer inserts a dollar and then a window opens to reveal a bartender — instead of a stripper” at booths upstairs, according to InsideScoop.

Despite the plan to revive a few elements of the location’s past, the bar will have a new name due to trademark issues with the former peep show.

The Lusty Lady, the first worker-owned strip club in the United States, closed its doors September 2 after the building owner evicted the company.