At last year’s World Series celebration in San Francisco, perhaps the most memorable thing was the t-shirt Giants’ closer Sergio Romo was wearing which had a simple message “I Just Look Illegal.”

Now, with the help of local ice cream company Three Twins Ice Cream, Romo is spreading the message again, with the launch of a new ice cream flavor, “Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate: It Only Tastes Illegal.”

In a video for ESPN, Romo explained that both the t-shirt and ice cream were important for him, as a message about the immigration reform system. Romo said being Mexican-American and judged at times on first glance, he’s lived through discrimination that many immigrants face.

Three Twins founder Neil Gottlieb said he loved Romo’s t-shirt and it gave him the idea to come up with the uniquely-named flavor.

The pints sell for $10 online and $4-5 in retail stores. It is also available at many grocers that carry Three Twins Ice Cream.