One of the best parts of the spring and summer season in the Bay Area is the amazing bounty that makes its way to local farmers markets.

While strawberries are already making their way onto plates in restaurants, they also make a great ingredient for cocktails. For some, the sweetness of the strawberry is a bit too much. But that’s where the expert bartenders in San Francisco balance that sweetness with a bit of acidity, crafting great cocktails. Here are a few of our favorites at local bars and restaurants.

Strawberry Thyme at Bluestem Brasserie: Cruzan rum, strawberry, lemon, thyme, lime (Not too sweet as it was a nice balance between the strawberries and lemon and lime).

Razzle Dazzle at Trick Dog: Hangar One vodka, Trick Dog Spring Cordial, strawberry, lime, served up (Well-balanced and perfect for the warm weather in the Mission).

Galleon at Coqueta: Hayman’s Old Tom gin, acorn & apricot tonic, berry shrub, lime (This is a nice play on a fruity gin & tonic; the presence of the strawberry was almost too overpowering, but a good drink none the less).

Dixie at E&O Asian Kitchen: Evan Williams house select bourbon, strawberry balsamic shrub, lemon (I love the addition of balsamic, gave this drink a nice extra kick and plays well with the sweetness of the strawberry).

Bottle Rocket at Range: Pueblo Viejo tequila, strawberry, ginger, Fresno chile, lemon, served on the rocks (Love the chile, added a great spiciness to the drink, probably my favorite in the bunch).

Strawberry Cooler at Blackbird: Vodka, Rosato vermouth, strawberries, balsamic, lemon, peychauds (A nice refresher, classic I think for a strawberry cocktail).