Less than a week after suffering damage from an early morning fire, Forbes Island in San Francisco is getting set to reopen for service.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Inside Scoop, partner Erick Hendricks said they could have opened on Wednesday night, “but to keep it safe, they’re going to open on Friday, May 17.”

The floating restaurant, anchored near Pier 39, was damaged by a fire just before 3:00am on the morning of May 10. Because it is only accessible by boat, it took crews a little while to access the restaurant by fireboat, but the blaze was under control about an hour after it was reported.

San Francisco fire officials said the fire was accidental and likely sparked by a gas fixture in a building adjacent to the restaurant.

Hendricks tells the Scoop the reason for the delay in reopening is because there is no freezer on the premises, meaning they had to throw out all the food on board at the time of the fire. That has caused them to be a few days behind on delivery.

Forbes Island is located at Sea Lion Harbor, H Dock, between Piers 39 & 41.



Photo Credit: Forbes island, via Facebook