The rotating cast of classic soul DJs known as Motown on Mondays host their four-year anniversary party at Cafe Du Nord on Friday April 26 with a full lineup and DJs and bands.


The party includes live performances by three San Francisco-based bands: funk and hip-hop group Hot Pocket, classic 60’s style girl group The Hitsville Soul Sisters and rising local soul artist Zeke McCarter. In addition to the bands, there will be DJ sets from five MOMs members, including the founder Senior Gordo Cabeza, who is celebrating his birthday as well. Popularized by their weekly soul happy hour at Harlot, the MOM “family” now has weekly events in San Francisco, Austin and New York.

More details and tickets, here.


Hot Pocket

The Hitsville Soul Sisters

Zeke McCarter


Gordo Cabeza

Timoteo Gigante