A bill proposed by San Francisco state Senator Mark Leno that would have allowed businesses to stay open later and sell alcohol until 4:00am has failed to clear the Senate Governmental Organization Committee.

The measure on Tuesday failed by a 4-6 vote. Leno and supporters had hoped to extend the hours of on-site liquor sales from 2:00am to 4:00am in part to bring in more money. He argued that by allowing bars, clubs and restaurants to have later hours and sell alcohol until 4:00am, it would bring in more tourist dollars and also help out businesses.

Opponents of course were concerned about quality of life issues and public safety and what the extended hours of liquor sales would mean to things such as crime and drunk driving rates.

Among the supporters of the measure were the California Restaurant Association and Golden Gate Restaurant Association.  A spokesman for Senator Leno’s office said that the deadline has passed to try to get the bill through this year.