After launching in other cities across the country, fast food chain Burger King could soon be bringing delivery to San Francisco.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a Burger King in Glendale is the first in the state to offer delivery service. But if the “pilot project” is successful, it could soon be offered at more than 15 locations in the San Francisco area.

The system involves routing phone and online orders to a centralized location, which send’s the orders to the closest Burger King location that offers delivery. From there, the food is prepared and packed in newly designed containers, to prevent the food from getting soggy or cold during the drive. It’s then delivered by drivers to customer’s doorsteps.

Delivery service is already offered in Miami, Washington, D.C. and Houston. Burger King is also offering a loyalty program – on every fourth online delivery order, customers can get a free sandwich.

It’s still unclear exactly when the program will rollout in the Bay Area and which chains will be designated as offering delivery services.



Photo Credit: Siqbal, via Wikimedia Commons