Review: Bat For Lashes at the Regency Ballroom

English electro-pop group Bat for Lashes played an emotional sold out show at the Regency Ballroom on Sunday night in a string of West Coast shows between Coachella weekends.

Bat for Lashes at Coachella, photo by Mark Portillo. View more Coachella photos here:


Lead singer Natasha Khan took the stage to a roaring crowd that welcomed her with hand blown kisses and even flowers. Khan appeared Queen-like, clothed in a two-piece red dress illuminated by the strategic lanterns strewn around the stage.

“Thank you, everybody” she said through a smile. “I love your city!” The music blared as she plunged through an emotionally charged set. Joined on stage by a talented backing band, Bat for Lashes showcased their diversity by switching instruments almost every song. With accompaniments ranging from cello, piano, guitar/bass, xylophone, and the Autoharp, there was never a dull moment. Even the drummer played a hybrid set of acoustic and electronic drums.

Khan was highly energetic and you could feel her passion from the stage. She was appreciative and intimate with her fans, making sure to acknowledge those who danced when she danced, and listened when she spilt her soul.

With one of her most notable songs, “Laura,” which she dedicated the recent passing of her father, Khan sang ever note perfectly, looking up toward the ceiling. The upbeat, 80s-inspired tune “All Your Gold” had people dancing out of their skin, and her song “A Forest,” from her 2010 release Two Suns, featured Khan on the harpsichord.

Such powerful performances like this do not go unnoticed. Khan and her group proved worthy of whispering comparisons to Bjork and Cat Power. On the group’s next visit to San Francisco, they might have to pick a bigger venue.